Our Vision

We’re on a quest to make the gambling industry a little kinder, and do some good along the way.

Good Guys…

Every cloud has a silver lining. Our story is a mix of random events, personal adversity and the desire to change the world.

After working in high-pressure jobs for several years our CEO moved to Thailand to start planning the first charity-casino in the world. Contacting well reputated and highly skilled partners for support and financing. They all loved the idea and the Good Guys Gambling Group was established in mai 2017.

The casino business, a notoriously dirty business. Is this for us? In the background I could hear Teddy`s missus say, "What if the C in CKasino stands for Charity?". Upon further discussion, we realised that there are a lot of non-traditional gamblers who will happily enjoy a spin when there is a good cause involved (national lotteries as notable examples). This could be a big opportunity to reach new consumers, in a new way, and feel good about making a difference.
And right there and then, the seed that would become Good Guys Gambling Group was sown. Since then we have been working hard to develop concepts that build on what started that summer’s day.

…Doing Good Things

Some people ask, are you a business or are you a charity organization? Definitely a business, but with some soft values and the will to do some good. That is why we give away 50% of our net monthly profits from our casino, www.captaincharity.com
New concepts are on the way, stay tuned…



Thomas Smith

Thomas Smith

Founder & CEO

Thomas is our CEO and founder, with 20 years of experience in sales and marketing. Working with brands like BMW, has given him a unique insight in premium customer care, something that is reflected in all our brands.

Joakim E. Johansen

Joakim E. Johansen

Chairman & Marketing director

Joakim has worked with business development, marketing and proof of concept for 15 years. He has worked with start-up projects in companies such as Groupon, Telenor, and several Norwegian newspapers. If you have questions related to investment opportunities and/or cooperation, please use our contact form below

Ivan Potocki

Ivan Potocki

Freelance Writer

Ivan Potocki was born in 1985. A freelance writer, with a focus on online poker and online gambling industries. Over the years, this has given him the opportunity to work with a number of gambling news and other related websites like PokerTube, where he was the editor in chief for the news section for two years, Online Casino Reports, Casinopedia, Online Casino Monsters, and much more.
When it comes to poker and gambling, Ivan has had an opportunity to write pretty much everything, from simple news reports, over casino and poker room reviews, to opinion pieces on various burning topics.

Check out our OnlineCasinoMonsters... forall the best news, reviews & best casino sites to play at!



Affiliates provide traffic to the online gambling industry in many ways. The most common route is through websites that generate traffic from Google searches.

GGGG set up OCM with that purpose in mind. Having focused on producing quality content, with over 1 million unique words on our site, we have been steadily climbing up the Google ranks. Today we provide quality traffic for the industry, representing over 100 brands of casino, sportsbook and lotto on the site. We are complementing this service by offering a range of relevant industry news, info and updates, with new content published daily.

OCM also been testing alternative traffic sources: for example our TV campaigns in Norway; and digital marketing with Ladbible.com. We will continue to pioneer other sources of traffic in the future.

We launched Onlinecasinomonkeys.com this summer 2017, with the same aim: to be a valuable source of quality traffic for the online gambling industry. We also have two more affiliate projects launching in the next six months.

For any inquiries relating to OCM or Onlinecasinomonkeys, please contact our Head of Affiliates.


Why Captain Charity? Let`s start with what makes us different.
  • We are on a mission to change the face of gambling and at same time, the planet.
  • We give 50 % of our net profit away to charities and organizations that does good for the planet.
  • You can be a part of deciding which charities we donate to.
  • We will only send you one e-mail a week to update you on our charities, give you a great offer or share something cool. If there is some extraordinary we want to share with you, we might send you another one. Say no to SPAM!
  • We do everything we can to fight gambling addiction. Having a beer doesn’t make you an alcoholic, but pushing down two bottles of vodka every day does. Same goes for gambling.
And we are of course a full-service casino.
  • State of the art payment solution – that’s easy and safe to use.
  • 7 days a week from 8am to 1am customer service in 6 languages
  • More than 400 games – so that you can find your favorite games
  • Live Casino Evolution Gaming
Everything you have come to expect from a proper casino.


Captain Charity Casino!


Of course! Get in touch with us by sending us an email. thomas@goodguysgamblinggroup.com

Do you have customer service?

Send an e-mail to teddy@goodguysgamblinggroup.com or add him on Skype: teddyacab

How do I get in touch with your affiliate manager?

We find our charities in several ways. Some we choose ourselfs, finding charities close to our heart. Some is chosen by our ambassadors, but mostly we let you, the people choose which charities we should support.

How do you choose your charitys?


Address: 89/1, Tigne Street, Sliema SLM, 3173, Malta
Phone: +356 99 656 477